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What happens with the field in Medellín

Participatory Social Documentary.

Participatory Social Documentary.

As you walk you feel the increase of life, the loss of the rural soils, the lack of protection of water births, among many other problems that affect the people who have lived there for generations, and who ask for protection of life and earth

The exhibition celebrated in the Antioquia Museum, meeting house.

Year: 2016

Participatory Social Documentary Project carried out by Sara Melissa Gallego, Mariana Montoya and Natalí Yepes, in the development of the Community Communication School of 2015.


Farmers of San Cristóbal, Medellín corregimiento are increasingly affected by the new dynamics of the city, dynamics that are transforming land use. The lands that were previously used for planting and growing food are becoming urban soils because the authorities are allowing to urbanize and build on a large scale.

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