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"The greatest work of art is nature, after this, every piece of art is a mediation.

The mediation that I pursue to express with the work that I present is to be able to approach the understanding of consciousness,

consciousness beyond reflection, underlying and not contingent.

We are the reflection and we are also the water and the lake"

"Perception re-constructs our reality, but it does not show us reality itself, we are left with a game of representations that make imagination and creativity possible, it is between this dance of materiality and subtlety where I investigate the patterns of Indra's jewels to make art and philosophical approaches to our precious existence."

the film
The facts



° 2022 - Typing_ausencia - Datascopio.  EAFIT University- Urnaoz

° 2021- Indora screened at the Macon Film festival. 

° 2019 - INDORA, winning project of the Idartes Video Art Creation Scholarship for Dome 2019. INDORA was exhibited in the dome of the Planetarium of Bogotá within the framework of the Festival Domo Lleno 2019.

° 2018 - Internal-External and sonore painting. Exploratory Photosynthesis Festival Explora Park - Medellín.

° 2018 -  Internal - External II - For Domo Festival Full Dome in the Planetarium of Bogotá - Maloka and Planetarium of Medellín 

° 2017- Artistic Residency Colombia – Canada supported by the Colombian Minister of Culture - Eastern Bloc's Lab from November 23rd to December 22nd, 2017. - MONTREAL. 


° 2016-Exquisite Horse - Collective Show – Nonplusultra – Los Angeles. California.

° 2016-Somos Territorio – Participatory Social Documentary Exhibition – Meeting House – Museum of Antioquia.

° 2015- Jam-salvaje - Exhibition in the Casa de la Música Collective – Medellín.

º 2014-Winner of the photography contest ¡Que UVA Medellìn! – Mamm and Secretary of Citizen Culture.

° 2014-Aguamarina – Universidad de Medellín Theater – Video art for the dance company – Danzahara.

° 2013-Alchemy – Pablo Tobón Uribe Theater Video art for the company Danzahara.

° 2013-Plazarte – Collective Exhibition - Plazarte –Medellín.

° 2012-Festribal -Pablo Tobón Uribe Theater - Video art 

° 2012-Hara - Pablo Tobón Uribe Theater - Video art 

° 2012-Oniric Journey - Impro Action Sensory Expo-Theater – Medellín.

° 2012-Nocturnal Animals - Cultural Center Faculty of Arts Carlos E. Restrepo.

° 2012-7th Tour, festival of art, new music and sound experimentation – University of the Sacred Heart - Puerto Rico.

° 2012- VII Edition - Collective Exhibition - 4ojos Galeria – Medellín.

° 2012 -El Suiche – Medellin Chamber of Commerce.

° 2011-LXS Spherical Lovers – Collective Show – Galería No –Medellín.

° 2009-Caliexposhow Contest

° 2008-Academic Excellence Scholarship year 2008, University of Antioquia.

° 2008-Atelier Competition

° 2008-Work: control and security -Jihart Collective - cre-accion spaces- Bogota.



° Ph.D. Student Design Science.
上海大学 设计学  
Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts-Shanghai University.

° MA - transmedia communication - Eafit University - Medellin, Colombia.

° BA - Designer -Colombian Tuition.
Medellin Colombia.

The mission
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