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It is a collective art project that explores the project "Tenemos que hablar Colombia" database through artistic interpretation, proposing different ways of visualizing, listening, and feeling the data resulting from the conversations of nearly 5,000 citizens and approximately 30,000 records.

"Art of Data" served as a laboratory and space for creative experimentations with data at EAFIT University, the results of this laboratory were exhibited at the Urna Voz exhibition.

Sara Melissa Gallego 

Alejandro Duque

Hernán Franco

Mauricio Vásquez

Victor Muñoz

Carlos Salazar

Work created from the minorities population group of women in rural areas, in the Amazon.

Typing_Ausencia by Sara Melissa gallego 

Work inspired by the words of the boys and girls of Colombia and the topics they are talking about the most.

Reflexiones - by Hernán Franco

Work created from people who considered themselves victims of the Colombian armed conflict.

Espiral del silencio by Alejandro Duque

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Expanded Works: 



To learn more about the project: 


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