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It is a call, a sound in the depths of the earth that moves through the roots and exudes in the leaves of the trees, it is the resonance that moves along with the wind and enters the body of living beings with each breath of oxygen and in every drop of water that nourishes life.


Colombia, a country with natural wealth, water resources, and diverse ecosystems, is the country with the largest area of moorland in the world and at this present has been transgressed by the actions and lifestyles of its inhabitants. This piece of video art questions the loss of ecosystems and calls for protecting this territory, living in balance to be in harmony with the organic network that sustains everything.

Year: 2019
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Video art creation scholarship for domo Idartes


Winning project of the Idartes 2019 Video Art Creation Scholarship for Dome.

The Cinematheque of Bogotá - Management of Audiovisual Arts,

the Strategic Line of Art, Scientific Culture and Technology  

Bogota Planetarium of the District Institute of the Arts 


INDORA was exhibited in the dome of the Planetarium of Bogotá within the framework of the Festival Domo Lleno 2019.


The aesthetics of the INDORA piece are mixed with the use of 3d animation, drawing, illustration, and 360º video. For the development of the modeling and the composition, techniques of spherical projections, fisheye lenses, and multi-camera video has been implemented. CamSphere, a tool developed by SAT - Société des arts technologiques in Montreal, was also used to create immersive content that makes it possible to generate the dome and enter the 3d models and 2d illustrations. It works within the 3D space of After Effects, making use of multiple cameras.

360º camera recordings were made in the " Páramo de Santa Inés " in the municipality of Belmira , this is located within the páramos and high Andean forests system of the northwestern half of Antioquia , on the central mountain range, in the Department of Antioquia, Colombia.

Animation and illustration:
Wonderlandmystic -Melissa G.
5.1 sound:
Sebastian Villada G.

Nature photographers:
Dave Gomez
John Camilo Botero
The Forest Experimental
Year: 2019
Duration: 00:07:00
Resolution: 4K
Audio: 5.1
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